* We are currently only accepting retailers who are
established physical storefronts within the spiritual community, we hope to open to more online retailers again later in the year.

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Botanical Oils

Lyllith Dragonhearts' range of magickal and spiritual supplies are now available for wholesale customers!

With products including spell kits, handmade incense cones, candles, potions and elixirs as well as other items for your Spiritual, New Age or other wonderful store.

Each product has been designed and handmade by Lyllith and her family, using traditional and intuitive methods.

Products are all packaged for retail and are sure to look amazing in your store, boutique or online shop.

We are not currently accepting new applications, please follow us on facebook to find out when applications open again!


Don't own a business? Take a look at our Retail store,

which has everything available here plus much more!


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Road Opener Botanical Oil

100% Natural Botanical Oil, formulated to unblock the path ahead and unlock new opportunities.

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Fast Money Spell Kit

Witches Black Salt

An easy to do spellkit

for attracting money.

Includes everything you need.

Traditional Black Salt

for cleansing negative

energy from around the