Trading Terms & Conditions

Please read through the following terms and conditions of trade before applying as a wholesale customer...

Who Can Apply:

Customers must represent a registered business, whether a bricks and mortar physical shopfront, online retailer, market stall holder or other type of business owner. You will need a current ABN to apply.

Order Requirements:

We have decided to apply a minimum order requirement of $150 per order, this is to keep our costs down in terms of time as well as being able to purchase materials and packaging in bulk to save us and you money on products. Some items are only available in multiples as it is more efficient and time-wise.

Payment Options:

Payment must be made up front, via bank deposit or to approved applicants, credit card payment. We currently do not accept term accounts but will be looking into this in the future for regular customers.


At present we use Australia Post for shipping all orders, we are also considering the additional option of a courier. (working from a rural area has limited our options)


Retail prices are not to fall below the RRP or suggested price on any of our products unless for the purposes of a sale or clearance - this is to uphold the integrity of our brand and to avoid confusion and conflict between customers and retailers. 

Auction Sites:

We do not permit the sale of our products on auction sites such as Ebay without prior written consent.

Cancellations & Returns:

Cancelled orders may incur an administration fee up to 20% of the order value depending on the timeframe of cancellation. This is at the discretion of Lyllith Dragonheart and staff. 

Returns are only accepted for faulty products, a Return Request must be submitted within 24 hours of receiving your order and if approved our team will provide information on how to return such items. Returns are for credit or exchange only.

Images and Product Descriptions:

Once you have been approved for an account with us, you are welcome to use our product photos and descriptions for your own promotion, such as your online store or in-store labelling and signage. A PDF Catalogue will also be available within a few months.  Images on a CD can be ordered on request.

All images are to be used complete - removing our watermark is not permitted. If you require images for promotional use please ask, any advertising material provided by Lyllith Dragonheart is permitted to be used and shared.

Kits and Sets:

Products sold as part of a kit or set are not to be dismantled for individual sale (eg. crystal kits), anyone found doing so will be removed from our stockists list and a notice will be placed on our social media (name and shame) so please be respectful of the effort, time and energy that we put into making our products, thanks!

One-Of-A-Kind Products:

We offer a selection of one-off pieces such as Pagan tools, these are unique and handmade. Once an item has sold it can not be remade the same - though some may be similar. Please refrain from advertising these products unless you have purchased or ordered them from us first.

*Lyllith Dragonheart (including management staff) reserve the right to change or add to these terms and conditions at any time. We reserve the right to refuse an application if deemed inappropriate for our brand. 

** Herbs are to be sold as incense only, Lyllith Dragonheart and staff are not responsible for any mis-use, false advertising by retailers, misinformation or other legalities resulting in the sale of herbs, including herbal teas. Always check with a licensed medical practitioner or naturopath and do not provide health claims or prescriptions unless qualified to do so. Only herbs with documented research for their properties which are approved as food are used in our tea blends, all other herbs are sold as incense only and are not to be ingested or taken internally.


Thank-you, we look forward to working with you and your business!

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(By applying for an account you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above terms)